Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about exactly who The Curvy Executive is and the services we offer? Well, we thought you’d better understand our focus by telling you who we are not.

The Curvy Executive is NOT:

An employed member of your corporation, firm or brand. Instead, consider The Curvy Executive a contracted member of your team. We will come together to accomplish a specialized and specific goal, usually focused on making your brand scalable and sustainable.

A Virtual Assistant. We apologize for the shock because this is where our brand started. However, The Curvy Executive’s business model has evolved, and we are enjoying the ride! We do assist our clients with administrative support when needed. Moreover, the great thing about having a VA background is that The Curvy Executive can definitely point you in the right direction of a reliable VA.

A coach. The Curvy Executive is a consulting firm, and a consultant has a few marked differences from a coach. Here are the differences:

A coach generally explains a process, assesses needs, listens to ideas, offers advice and allows clients to take action.

A consultant finds or is presented a problem, provides recommendations, shows clients opportunities and provides solutions. Basically, a consultant tells clients what to do to solve the problem.

Consider The Curvy Executive a strategic problem solver for established and aspiring coaches and business owners.