the-curvy-executive-aboutWho is The Curvy Executive?

Chrystal-Lynn El is the vibrant and curvaceous powerhouse behind The Curvy Executive brand. No stranger to hard work, this Atlanta resident, by way of Bermuda, has always been determined not to become a statistic. As the only girl on an all-boy soccer team, five-year-old Robinson quickly became used to breaking boundaries and shattering the status quo. Later in life, her management of the same soccer team introduced Chrystal-Lynn to a unique knack she had for strategizing and executing. “I’ve never been one to think that something I wanted to do wasn’t attainable, no matter my color, size or educational background.” This tenacity is now what motivates her to teach others how to assume an executive role in their life and business.

With more than, 10 years’ experience in the administrative, financing and management fields, Chrystal-Lynn launched The Curvy Executive as a virtual assistant firm in 2012. Business skyrocketed, and Chrystal quickly became a highly sought after VA, known for getting the job done. As business steadily increased, Chrystal-Lynn noticed a new audience seeking her services. This sector of individuals included coaches who needed support in launching products/programs and aspiring virtual assistants who needed Chrystal-Lynn to show them the ropes. The consistency of these requests led to the rebirth of The Curvy Executive as a consulting firm that focuses on giving objective insight to coaches and helping aspiring business owners build sustainable, scalable and successful brands.