Chrystal-Lynn was so helpful to work with. Her compassion and understanding behind what makes me “tick” was spot on. Through her patient processing of my intentions as an artist, she calmly and methodically helped me put together the first steps of a plan to turn my dreams into reality. Chrystal-Lynn had innovative suggestions and helped me pinpoint the “anchor” behind my passions. With a focus, I had a crystal clear game plan and could go forward with the next steps in my business! Amy


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The Curvy Executive streamlines and execute strategies for your business. Getting you to your bottom line quicker and more efficiently is what she does best. But beyond supplying a step-by-step system for success, The Curvy Executive approaches each project from a holistic perspective. She wants to understand what makes your business tick. This information comes in handy when idea-burdened business owners miss the mark on articulating service offerings, creating package prices that sell themselves and executing stress-free, high-converting sales funnels. Essentially, The Curvy Executive helps keep you focused so that you might accomplish your greatest undertaking: changing the world one client at a time.